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Pics of Juan's basses and Chapman Stick.

The 8 string used on the solo tracks
"Jesus Wept" and "Watering the Moon"
from the Stolen Momentos recordings.
This bass provides all the synth like
and guitar like sounds heard on the album.
This is my Ibanez 5 string converted
fretless.This bass provides the dark
screams and "Harmonics of Doom" heard
on "Machines of Mass Deconstruction" from the Stolen' sessions.
Ovation Acoustic 4 string.Another converted fretless. This was the bass used on "Day Break" from the "stolen Momentos" CD. Listen to the track colsely and you can hear a cricket adding its own solo!


This incredible instrument was used on the tracks
"El Amor es Eterno" and "Yoeme" from the yet to be
released "Fluidity" CD.Click the pic to learn more about
The Stick and the man who invented it,Emmet Chapman.

Misc. gear and do-dads

Gallien-Krueger 200RCB

2x10 Cab w/4" tweeter

Rat Distortion Pedal

Boss Volume Pedal

Native American Flutes

Mezo American Clay Flutes

Australian Digideroo

Apple PowerMac G4

House of Blues Shot Glass (for that growly slide)