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This page exists with the hope to inform and enlighten all visitors with regards to current events in the Native American community.Although the topics will concentrate on serious issues,we will publish stories and articles sent to us.Stories of a humorous nature,personal stories,reviews of current music by Native American artists,schedule of events,book reviews,film reviews,recipes,and jokes will be considered.Please no vulgarity. Relavance to Native American life must appear in the content to be considered.Submissions via e-mail only to:


Leonard Peltier is considered by Amnesty International to be a "political prisoner" wrongfully accused of the murder of federal agents.He has been inprisoned for over 26 years. The details are both heartbreaking and leangthy.For the complete and accurate truth,please visit
The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee Homepage
and learn how you can help.This should never happen in America!

Remember: National Native American Month is November