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Strada-Sphere Radio
In the Strada-Sphere and On the Air


Who's On The Air @ Strada-Sphere Radio

Last updated on October 2,2003

Randy Pytel:Nibiru Sunrise,Delta Wave Blue

Diego Souto: Amniotic Eyes 2.0,Words of Fire 2000,Imagen

Trey Gunn: The Night Air,Dziban,Indiera

open:Finally the Rain 128

Brandt Passalacqua: Afternoon,Sadness,Mystical

Rambings,Amblique Improv

Juan R. Leon: El Amor es Eterno,A Muth Retold,Crash Course in Patience

Remco Helbers: Cathedral 1

Agent 22: 77 Times (Live)

Oxygene 8: Funkernickel,Empty

Bill T. Miller: OBE-Dokter Nerdo (ShimSham Remix,The Amazing Chapman Stick

Wolff: Rut System

OMNI: Soliloquy,Soliloquy (Live @ Berkely)

Kaki King: Kewpie Station

Gary Jibilian: Galaxy Rodeo,Absorbing Mirror,The Disappearing One

Basque: Make Me Speak,The Beggar's Would Ride

Glen Heald: Chapman Stick vs. the potato head

Bill Burke: Where'd Our Ball Go?

Fabio Katz: No Craft,Paciencia,Taking Turns

Ozone Quartet: Surge,Mutoid Man,Dragonfly

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Randy Pytel and Juan R. Leon are members of